Good Start Childcare

Good Start Childcare In Australia

There is an organization in Australia called Good Start Childcare Limited that is involving parents and businesses in the purchase and operation of "ABC Learning Centers." What these are, are facilities that provide affordable, accessible and high quality community-involved childcare that targets children's learning and development.

The entire idea behind these centers is to enrich the education of Austalia's children beginning at the pre-school level. With over 650 centers spread all over Australia the program works very hard to keep community groups involved in the program.

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Good Start Childcare maintains that the most important people to get involved in this early childhood education is first and foremost the parents. They also know that the greatest chance for continuing to develop more centers is to get community leaders and other business groups directly involved so that they can see just how valuable this kind of program is for the children and the future of the Australian businesses.

The Good Start Childcare Centers operate on a not-for-profit bases and therefore invest any operating surplus into initiatives that support early childhood education and development. This non-profit organization is so well thought of that it receives support and encouragement from other of Australia's non-profit organizations such as Social Ventures of Australia, the Benevolent Society and Mission Australia. With the support of these organization as well as businesses from all over Australia it is a very good indication that the Good Start Childcare Limited "ABC Learning Centers" will continue to spread even farther than they have.

Good Start is always working to attract and retain the best quality career educators, and they take the long view when it comes to continuing to develop more and better early childhood education methods and tools.

The parents of the children in Australia are greatly benefiting from the "ABC Learning Centers" and the entire Good Start program.  The children have a great time and get a great head start with their early childhood education and development. It is also a great source of pride for both the business community and the Australian Govt..

It is very possible that with the success of this program that other countries may very well adopt the same kind of system or even have the Good Start organization go international.

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