Home Daycare Rates

What Are The Home Daycare Rates For Children

The home daycare rates vary greatly from state to state and sometime even from city to city in some states. Many states do not set a minimum or even a maximum rate for daycare. They are more concerned with regulating how many children a single provider can care for and that too varies from state to state and is usually defined according to the age of the children being attended.

Some research shows that the nation wide average rates for home daycare range anywhere from $80 per week to $250 per week and the younger the child, the higher the rate usually due to them requiring more care than the older toddlers.

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Part of the variation in home daycare rates is due to the state or county regulations on how many children one provider can attend to. Even in home daycare facilities the number of children is restricted to both the maximum the home can take in and the number of providers needed for the number of children being taken care of.

One example shows that there must be at least one provider for every 5 children under the age of 2 years being cared for and one provider for every 8 children between 2 and 5 years old. This means if the home care had 10 children being watched a minimum of 2 care providers would be needed and so the home daycare rates that are charged would take into consideration the need for more than one care provider to be paid.

Other things that affect the home daycare rates are dependent on services provided beyond just babysitting type of care. If the daycare provide snacks and lunch they charge a higher rate than one that has the parents bring in the snacks and lunch for their children. There could also be higher charges to cover supplying other supplies such as coloring books and crayons or other toys, and for infants who supplies the diapers and wipes and other things needed to care for an infant will affect the rate charged.

It is nearly impossible to quote what rates should be charged or to determine what rates would be too high. There are many factors to take into consideration and if you are concerned you might want to shop around for rates or even do research with city officials to see if there are any regulations locally that set limits to the home daycare rates that can be charged.

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