Preschool Curriculum Ideas

Preschool Curriculum Ideas For Potential Daycare Providers

With our busy schedules and the economy requiring two income family life, more working class parents are sending their children to preschool daycare. These parents are looking more into the pre-school curriculum ideas that are being used in the daycare facility they place their children in. A good curriculum will include games that start teaching our preschool age children the basic skills they will need when they start school.

There are some preschool curriculum ideas that are being put into practice. One such idea or activity is where the teacher puts name tags on everything in the room like walls, tables, chairs, doors and windows and then making another set of name tags.

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The game is to start teaching the children to recognize the item with a name tag on and learning how to pick out the same name tag from a stack of name tags. Then later using name tags from the stack the children go point to the item it names.

A game like this not only teaches them to recognize the names of different items but also starts them learning how to read. It has been shown that with games like this and others our children can start learning to read much earlier than we thought in the past.

Other preschool curriculum ideas include teaching them to recognize different shapes and colors by playing games and giving praise when they get it right and helping them to correct what they got wrong. It is all in how the children view the game. If it is a game and not thought of as work, they have fun with it and love the praise they get as they learn to get more things right.

It is surprising how often we, not only as parents, but as adults in general, learn more about how preschoolers learn. We are often surprised how many of the preschool curriculum ideas come from child psychologists and others that study about how younger children are able to learn.

There are many new teaching tools coming out for very young children and some of the better daycare providers are bringing these tools in to give our children an educational head start over other children that aren't exposed to these great ideas and tools.

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